Chinese New Year
Monkey King Escapes to London

The View From The Shard - 2016

Monkey magic

Social media and PR manager

The View from The Shard


To celebrate Chinese New Year of The Monkey and drive brand awareness and fan growth amongst WeChat and Weibo audiences for The View from The Shard, I led a creative game development project with DragonTrail Interactive, Beijing.

Promoted posts on Chinese social media platforms called for players to catch the Monkey King who had escaped to London with all the dumplings from the Jade Emperors New Year banquet. As the highest viewpoint in the city, players travelled to the top of The Shard, panning around our 360 degree views to catch sight of the Monkey King hiding on famous landmarks.

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The game was really well received by online audiences in China over the campaign period 1 February - 4 March 2016. There was a dramatic increase in the level of fan engagement and the number of new followers on Weibo and Wechat:

  • Weibo: 2,048 new fans(+29.4%)
  • 8,138 re-tweets (+571%)
  • 2,201 comments (+522%)
  • Wechat: 66 new followers (+118%)