Poppies UK Tour

14 - 18 NOW

Wave and Weeping Widow

Social media and PR manager

14 - 18 NOW


In 2014, The Poppies became one of the most popular and beloved attractions in the UK. The Tower of London was adorned with 888,246 ceramic poppies, one to mark each British or Colonial serviceman killed during the war. Over the 2 years it was there, the sculpture was visited by over 5 million people.

 With this success 14-18 NOW decided to take The Poppies around the UK and continue commemorating those fallen heroes. It was then my job to connect them with high-profile project ambassadors, influencers and outreaching content online.

 I brought renowned author Kate Williams on-board as the lead ambassador. Her second novel ‘Storms of War’ is set during the First World War and she has a personal connection with the original Poppies sculpture, her mum owning two of the Tower of London poppies. 

In March 2018, The Poppies took the final leg of their UK tour starting in Hereford. They were presented in two sculptures; Weeping Window and Wave, both of which received national attention in the media with Kate being at the heart of the campaign.

 I was very proud to be driving awareness of such a meaningful project and the success I’ve had made it even better.